Stationary Set Design

Show Off The Professionalism of Your Brand

What is Stationary Set?

Stationary Set refers to the set of administrative and communication elements of the company with people or other companies. This collection consists of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. With the expansion of the digital space, the digital versions of the office set also have many uses.

Since the Stationary Set is a format for presenting materials and administrative correspondence of companies with individuals, sufficient attention to its design and professionalism has a special place in branding; Therefore, in the following, we will mention the features of a professional office set.

What points should be considered in the design of the office set?

  1. Special attention should be paid in the design of the business card as the most used and most important part of the Stationary Set. The business card design should be modern and up-to-date, and from the beginning of the design, attention should be paid to the printed material of the business card. Matte, glossy and UV laminated business cards are the most suitable for most businesses. If you do not have enough information about the types of business cards, contact Brandinoe consultants.
  2. The letterhead is one of the most used items in the Stationary Set. Normally, letterheads are designed and printed in 2 sizes, A4 and A5, and since every company’s administrative dealings are done through letterhead, it should have a suitable and professional design, representing the brand style with simplicity and attractiveness.
  3. In the design of other elements of the Stationary Set, such as envelopes, folders, etc., the common style and elements of other elements of the office set should be used.