Brochure-Catalog Design

A Big Step Towards More Sales

Why is brochure and catalog design important in attracting audiences?

Brochures and catalogs are the main and strategic tools of companies to introduce their products and services. What attracts the audience’s attention before reading brochures and catalogs is their design and visual appeal, so to speak, their color and glaze.

After the positive feedback he gets from the brochure or catalog at the first glance, the audience starts to study it, and the design and layout of the pages and explanations until the end can create a positive feeling about the brand in him; Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the design of this section.

What is the difference between brochure and catalog?

The main difference between the two is in the amount of content presented in each one, so that a brochure is provided for those who want general and key information about the brand and to study it in the shortest time, and for customers who want to learn more about the services or They are making the company’s products with the supply of the catalog.

Brochure and catalog design tips:

  1. Dimensions, cutting format and design related to the field of work is their first characteristic.
  2. It is enough to present the main characteristics along with the general description of the products or services and the competitive advantage of the brand in the form of a brochure.
  3. The catalog as a manual for the products and services of the brand should have the appropriate volume and order in presenting the content as well as an attractive design so that the audience does not suffer from monotony while reading it while getting the information they want.
  4. From the beginning of the design, attention should be paid to presenting brochures and catalogs in digital space or only for printing or both.