Google Ads

How much do you know about Google Ads?

The amount of users using Google and referring to its results has made advertisements on the Google platform to be effective and reliable advertisements. Probably, while searching for your desired words in Google, you have seen the results that appeared at the beginning of the search results and the title “ads” was inserted next to them. These are the results of Google ads. Advertising in Google is not limited to its results, and today Google offers many and varied services that allow advertising in most of them, but the most effective of them are ads in search results, YouTube, and Google Play applications.

Advantages of using Google Ads

  1. Advertisements in all Google services are based on the keywords searched by the user and are displayed in a targeted manner.
  2. According to the desired keyword, Google offers a list of similar and highly searched keywords.
  3. The method of calculating the cost of most advertisements is PPC (Pay Per Click) and it is economical.
  4. Things like language, geographic region, time period, age group, user device, etc. can be adjusted in order to make more targeted ads.
  5. Google Ads account can be recharged and scheduled daily for deductions.
  6. It is possible to receive a report of the ads and analyze them for free from Google.