Motion Graphics

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What is motion graphics and what is its use?

A video or animation made of graphic images is called motion graphics. Motion graphics is one of the best types of content that can be used to introduce brands and advertise products. In many cases, the contents and ideas that are current in designer’s minds are not possible by displaying real images, in these cases, all ideas can be displayed using motion graphics.

In general, motion graphics, along with all the topics that can be prepared and made based on it, is a solution for creating creative ideas that can make any type of video possible by removing the limitations of the real world. Another common use of motion graphics is to make a video from written content.

The points that must be observed to make excellent motion graphics:

  1. Creative and new ideas should be used in making motion graphics.
  2. Use attractive graphics and colors to make it.
  3. The first few seconds are especially important to attract the audience and encourage them to watch the video until the end.
  4. It is suggested to use a storytelling in its scenario.
  5. The time and content presented in motion graphics should be shortened as much as possible so that the audience watches the video until the end and receives its message completely.
  6. Using multiple plans makes it more attractive.
  7. State the advantages of the brand and what makes you different from your competitors.
  8. Use appropriate music or narration in making it.