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Why printing services and printed papers are always important?

With the expansion of cyberspace in recent years, the importance of using printed papers for administrative interactions, marketing and brand advertising has become less important, but it is still decisive. People are usually more willing to receive and view printed versions offered by businesses such as business cards, catalogs, etc. than their digital versions; Therefore, considering high quality, wide variety and suitable time for printing services has a special importance for all businesses.

Brandinoe Group fulfills your need by providing a variety of printing services with the highest quality. In addition, if you need design services, you can register your order by referring to the brand design section.

What points should be considered for printing?

  1. Pay attention to the type of printing (paper, banner, flex fabric, etc.), post-printing services, type of binding, etc. from the beginning. If you do not have detailed information about the available options for your desired printing, you can contact Brandinoe consultants.
  2. Make sure of the standard size for the print you want and always keep a safe distance from the edges of the design.
  3. The resolution of offset printing files should be 300ppi and banner printing should be 100ppi in CMYK mode.
  4. The colors seen in the computer system are usually 10 to 20% different from the printed colors.
  5. There is always a percentage of the offset print run as work failure.