Logo Design

Your Winning or Losing Card in Branding

What is called “logo”?

A logo is referred to as a symbol that any company or group presents as an element to represent its business and brand in the market. While this symbol needs an attractive appearance to attract people’s attention, it should also represent the primary indicators of each brand.

The importance of providing the right logo in the market:

As mentioned, the logo as a graphic symbol represents the brand in the market, therefore it is judged by all audiences and if it meets their expectations, it can become an opportunity for more attention than the competitors of each brand. It should be considered, not paying enough attention to logo design will pose a serious threat to the branding of any firm. With these interpretations, which is your choice? Logo as a winning card in the market or a loser?!

Professional logo features:

  1. It has enough visual appeal.
  2. Up-to-date and modern design styles are used in its design.
  3. It introduces the company’s field of activity in the best way.
  4. It consists of the corporate color of the company.
  5. The size, color and details of the logo are designed in such a way that it is not limited to its use in digital (RGB) or printed (CMYK) space.
  6. The concept of the logo is as understandable as possible for most audiences.