Advertising Clip

Make Customers Stare at Your Brand

What effect will teaser advertising have on branding?

According to the latest research, advertising videos are more attractive to the audience of cyberspace and they spend more time watching this type of content compared to text and photo content. This factor reveals the high importance of publishing attractive and content-rich videos in branding as well as possible. Advertising teasers can be made and published in the form of various topics such as showing and introducing products or services, interviewing people, showing the process of making products, etc.

What points should be observed in the preparation of promotional teasers?

  1. The beginning and the first seconds of the video should be designed in a way that encourages the audience to see its continuation.
  2. The teaser should be made as short but attractive as possible.
  3. The designed scenario should have a concept and a message that refers to solving the audience’s problems and does not directly advertise the products.
  4. If possible, use a unique style that the audience will recognize the videos related to the brand with that style.
  5. It is suggested that the promotional teaser scenario be in the form of a storytelling to encourage the audience to watch it until the end.
  6. The unique features and competitive advantages of the brand should be comprehensively and briefly included in the teaser.
  7. In general, entertaining videos are more attractive to most audiences.
  8. Use appropriate music or narration according to the space of the teaser.
  9. Ways to contact or order the product should be stated at the end of the video.